Plesk restore backup

The data that can be restored with one call of the pleskrestore utility. Target backup file defined for restoration can be of one of the following types:

  •     <info>.xml – backup metadata file, in case of restoring from backup located in Plesk repository
  •    <backup>.<zip|tar> – archived backup file, in case of restoring from exported backup

[box]You can find the the backup files in c:\program files\parallels\plesk\backup\[/box]


To restore entire server:

pleskrestore restore <backup repository root>/<server>.xml -level server

[box]When the whole server backup is restored, license keys are not restored by default. To restore license keys along with other server content, use the -license option in your restore command.[/box]

To restore entire server with license keys:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/<server>.xml -level server -license


To restore all domains belonging to a reseller:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/resellers/<reseller ID>/<reseller>.xml -level domains


To restore all reseller accounts:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/<server>.xml -level resellers


Applying filter on the specified level

To perform a more selective restore, use a filter (the -filter option) which selects for restore particular objects of the specified level (resellers, clients, domains). The objects are specified by their names, which are domain names, and logins for resellers and clients. The specification can be done as follows:

  • Command line specification. The restore command takes objects identifiers as values of the -filter option defined in the following string: list:<item1>,<item2>,...,<itemN>.
  • File specification. The restore command takes the objects identifiers from the file specified as argument of the -filter option. The file must be in plain text format, and object identifiers are separated by line breaks (i.e., one identifier per line).


To restore two resellers from a server backup:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/<server>.xml -level resellers -filter list:SeanConnery,TomCruise


pleskrestore --restore <Upload directory>/<server backup name>.tar -level resellers -filter list:BradPitt,AshtonKutcher


To restore two domains owned by Plesk admin:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/<server>.xml -level domains -filter,


To restore client’s several domains defined in a file:

pleskrestore --restore <backup repository root>/resellers/AngLee/clients/LifeOfPi/<client>.xml -level domains -filter <path to the file>/restore-domains.txt