Overview of server support services provided by Server Management Plus

ServerManagementPlus provides administrative and consultative support to organizations, small business companies and individuals focusing on systems running Linux (CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian) and Windows Server operating systems.

Our server support team handles your service request as a top priority. Soon after submitting a helpdesk support ticket, the incident is handled immediately.

Description of Support Services


We go beyond typical “behind the scenes” system administration. We develop customized strategies for our clients, develop documentation and establish strategies that go beyond just keeping the server up and running. We become an extension of your team. Our system administrator works closely with your organization to determine needs of your business.

Standard Environments

Our server support service offering provides end-to-end administration of your system with a focus on customer service and our role as IT consultants. We take care of planning, configuring, securing, maintaining and backing up the server. Most of our clients use this tier, which provides proactive monitoring and prioritized response times. Work is performed 24×7.

Complex Environments

Some environments are more complex, requiring additional management and incurring a supplemental charge. This may involve administering attached storage, like RAIDs or SANs and assisting with some third party software applications.

Hourly Server Administration

This service tier provides one hour  of support. A typical work session might include applying security patches, reviewing logs and troubleshooting performance problems. If a work session exceeds one hours, the overage is billed hourly. This server support service is often used  for groups that have someone on-site who participates in the day-to-day administration of the system, but may benefit from some professional assistance. Because this service tier does not include monitoring or proactive support, nor does it include prioritized response times, it is not a good match for groups that have a critical dependence on their system for day-to-day operations.

Limitations Of Support
Third Party Software Management

Generally speaking, Server Management Plus for specialized third-party software. Server Management Plus can help determine needs, assist with ordering and install the software to help ensure overall system stability.

ServerManagementPlus cannot provide support with database design or website management, including coding, programming and scripting.

Proactive monitoring includes automated measurements of CPU usage, disk space consumption, whether select programs are running and other metrics. We use a combination of enterprise programs to continuously monitor and measure the servers, storage and other devices, which helps us ensure uptime and availability of your server and data and to forecast upcoming needs