Why do I need server management services?


Below are a few questions answering which can help you determine weather you need server management services or not.

  • Do you know what ports are open on your server which can be used to hack it?
  • Do you know which services running in your server using un necessary resources slowing down the server?
  • Are your servers running on the latest secure version of kernel, operating system and kernel?
  • Is the firewall installed and properly configured on your server?
  • Do you run malware and virus scan on your server regularly?


Why should I signup for server management services of your company?

Managing servers can be a disturbing task. Even if you know the all the server administration tasks there are chances that you may sometime fall behind in these ongoing tasks due to lack of time. Our server management service packages are for a small business owner or a service provider such as a web designer, web host, who either does not want to become an expert at securing and updating servers, or does not have time to do all the routine tasks. With our complete server administration packages, we free you up to do what you do best i.e run and grow your business. With these server administration packages, you can leave the hassles of server administration to us. Each of our engineers has more than 5 years of experience. With this highly skilled technical staff, we provide professional yet affordable server administration services.