Monthly Server Management Service

You can either manage your server yourself of hire a server management company to do the task for you. Below are some of the main tasks that we perform in our monthly server management service

24x7x365 Server Monitoring

With our server support service. Our monitoring system monitors the server 24×7 every 10 minutes interval and inform us if the server of any of the services went down.

Update Operating

Updates for Linux systems are released regularly. Many of these fix important security issues. At ServerManagementPlus, we update systems regularly. If you do not have any server management service with us, be sure to review your OS for any critical security updates. Get on the mailing list for your OS so you know when critical security patches are released. If you have a kernel update, you will need to reboot your server unless you use a took like Ksplice.

Update Server Software

Applications that are installed on servers require routine maintenance to address security and software bugs. Keeping these applications up to date prevents software problems from suspending the server.

Update Control Panel

Be suure to update your hosting or server control panel. Sometimes this means updating not only the control panel itself, but also software it controls. For example, with WHM/cPanel, you must manually update PHP versions to fix known issues. Simply updating the control panel does not also update the underlying Apache and PHP versions used by your OS.

Verify Backups are working

Before making any changes to your production system, be sure that your backups are working.

Examine Security Logs

Although critical problems can be identified daily by emergencies which are shown in the system, security, and application logs, and acted upon immediately, routine investigation of the logs is just a normalization process for the administrator. That provides a better service to our clients.