My data center doesn’t manage server. What should I do?


Most data centers doesn’t provide server management services, even if some data center provide the managed services, that include only few tasks like OS reload and server monitoring. Most data center only takes responsibility to provide the server hardware, network and OS. Apart from that what ever you do with your server is none of their concern.

So the best solution is to outsource the server management task and look for a good server management company. Most companies provide two option

Monthly Server Management

In this you pay monthly fees to the company and they will take care of all your server management tasks like New server setup, software & scripts installation, control panel installation, System Security, Optimization and Hardening, Server Migration, Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery, Server Backup Restoration, installation of software and scripts, resolving a problem, bug trapping, restarting services if any of them goes down, patching, security audits etc.


Per Incident/ Hourly Server Management

If you don’t want your server under somebody else’s management then this is the perfect solution for those who manage their servers by themselves, but from time to time face challenges which they need support to overcome. If you are stuck in an apparently unresolvable problem and you just need this one time fix then you should go for this plan.