How is your company able to provide good server management services at cheap price?

cheap  server management service company

Well this is the most common question asked by lots of clients before they signup. When people see low prices, the first thing that comes to their mind is “what’s the catch?”. That’s why I am writing this post to clear thing up. Our prices are cheap/low but the quality of service it top notch. So now the question is how are we able to provide support?

Answer: Our Server Management services are reactive, whenever you are facing any issue or need some task to be done on your server then you will have to open a support ticket from your client area. Then one of the system administrator on duty will check the issue and start working on it within 1 hour. Each tech of our server management team is highly professional and experienced( min 4+ years). They are able to resolve issues at very fast rate as compared to other server management companies. Also not everybody opens same number of support tickets. Some open just 1/2 tickets a month and some 10-15 ticket a month. So everything gets balanced out.