How to uninstall CloudLinux from cPanel server

How to uninstall CloudLinux from cPanel server

CloudLinux is a kernel level technology specially designed for shared hosting environments. It prevents a single site from using up all the resources and crash the whole server or make it unresponsive. But sometimes you donโ€™t want cloudlinux or you had installed cloudlinux for testing and now you want to uninstall it. You can follow below steps to uninstall the cloudlinux completely.

Run below command to uninstall cloudlinux

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/cloudlinux_system_install -c

Update your CentOS RPMs

yum upgrade -y

Re-install your regular Kernel

yum --disableexcludes=all install kernel

Remove CloudLinux Kernel if any

rpm -qa |awk '/^kernel.*lve/ {print $1|"xargs yum -y erase"}'

Replace any CloudLinux provided RPMs by CentOS RPM

rpm -qa --qf "[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}\n]"|awk '/CloudLinux/ {print $2|"xargs yum reinstall -y"}'

Downgrade any CloudLinux provided RPMs to the CentOS version

root@smp[#] rpm -qa --qf "[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}\n]"|awk '/CloudLinux/ {print $2|"xargs yum downgrade -y"}'

Remove all remaining CloudLinux specific RPMs

rpm -qa --qf "[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}\n]"|awk '/CloudLinux/ {print $2|"xargs yum erase -y"}'

Upgrade any downgraded CentOS provided RPMs

yum upgrade -y

Reboot the server to load the regular CentOS kernel


And you are done ๐Ÿ™‚